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A PaukforYou academic year in Germany

A PaukforYou academic year in Germany

Learn a language where it is spoken. Customized language courses and educational programs abroad in more than 50 locations worldwide with the leading provider of international education.

Humburg, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Würzburg.

discover the world

Supervised language trips abroad especially for younger students
Travel for 2-4 weeks in a supervised group
Learn in class, with your host family and during exciting trips
Find friends from all over the world
Experience the best summer of your life

14 -18 years
Students and high school graduates
Expand your horizon

Language courses at more than 50 locations worldwide or a school stay in Germany
Go from 2 weeks to more than a year abroad
Graduate abroad
Find friends from all over the world
You live in a metropolis, a coastal town or a quaint little town

18-24 years
Students and young adults
Immerse yourself in a new culture

Personalized and flexible language and educational programs at 50 locations worldwide
Language and educational programs from 2-52 weeks
Travel to known destinations or explore new areas
Focus on your career goals and set industry-specific priorities
Prepare for your study abroad through exam courses

25+ years
Adults and working people
Become a world citizen

Personalized, industry-specific language courses at 50 destinations worldwide
Take a language course of 1-52 weeks especially for young professionals
Acquire international work experience in an internship program
Set industry-specific priorities
Expand your global network

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