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French for Kids

French for Kids

Listen to the words

J – jauneyellow

(The J is a bit tricky to explain isn’t it? It’s a bit like a ‘zh’ sound.)

CH – chevalhorse

(The CH is just like ‘sh’ in English!)

Some letters in French are silent. Just like in the word ‘hour’, you don’t pronounce H in French.

H – huiteight

Have you noticed that some French letters have little marks above or below them?  These are accents and they change the way the letter sounds.

Listen to these examples:

Ç – françaisFrench

(The Ç makes a sort of ‘ss’ sound.)

È – frèrebrother

(È is like the ‘e’ in pet.)

É – thétea

(É is like the ‘ay’ in day.)

Here are some common sounds you’ll hear in French. It’s worth having a practice saying them as they’re not quite the same as English.

EU – bleublue

(Imagine you’re sticking out your tongue and saying you don’t like something.)

OU – rouge re

(Imagine you’re singing backing vocals and singing ‘ooooo’.)

ON – non no

(Sounds a bit like you’ve got a blocked nose!)

The two groups of letters below represent the same sound – or phoneme. It’s a bit like saying the ‘an’ in ‘ran’ without moving your mouth!

IN – lapinrabbit

AIN – painbread

Here’s another example of different letters with the same sound:

O – rosepink

EAU – eauwater

AU – jauneyellow
September 11, 2008

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